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The Boundaries of Humanity project aims to:

1) Deepen academic and public dialogue on issues of central focus to this project: human place and purpose in the cosmos, particularly with respect to conceptions of human uniqueness and choices around biotechnological enhancement.

2) Build a community of scholars in a wisdom-seeking inquiry who will engage in new interdisciplinary research, scholarly collaborations, and professional relationships in recognition of the importance of the questions posed by the project. We seek to infuse conscience and consideration regarding human dignity within the scientific community. We hope this community will deepen, grow, and work toward clarity and convergence of ideas around human uniqueness and future uses of technology.

3) Engage multiple educational institutions at the secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels in the themes of this project through academic convenings and collaborations with colleagues at universities including the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Notre Dame, Harvard University, Arizona State University, and others.

4) Influence councils, panels, and committees engaged in the social, political, and ethical issues connected with the technologies at the heart of this project. We aim to help provide those in positions of social leadership with clearer, calmer, and more constructive understanding of both the advancing opportunities and challenges of advancing bio- and information technologies.

5) Increase cultural appreciation of the depth and complexity of the issues surrounding human uniqueness, human enhancement, human flourishing, and the human future through a public-facing, media-rich website and a series of public engagement activities in person and online.