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The Boundaries of Humanity Project, centered at Stanford University, is home to a global conversation about human nature and human flourishing amid the challenges and opportunities of advancing biotechnology.

The Boundaries project unites top life scientists, social scientists, philosophers, futurists, and theologians in dialogue with broad public audiences. Through scholarly convenings, media productions, and public events, it addresses how we should understand and apply the power of advancing convergent technologies. The scope of consideration includes artificial intelligence, biotechnologies (e.g. gene editing, brain-machine interfaces, human-animal chimeras, and organoids), transhumanism, and the future evolution of our species. How can we promote human flourishing—including minimizing poverty, disease, and suffering—while at the same time encouraging renewed appreciation of the distinctive character of the human person and our place within the natural world?

As both practical and theoretical matters, these issues raise dilemmas that require the full breadth of human experience and wisdom. At their core, the guidance and governance of our advancing technologies are ‘species’ issues—matters for the whole human family. Join us and lend your voice to this critical discussion!

This project is led at Stanford by Dr. William Hurlbut (Neurobiology), Dr. William Newsome (Neurobiology), and Dr. David Kingsley (Developmental Biology). Worldview Studio and CoLab Cooperative are our partners in public engagement.