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Rylan Peery

Rylan Peery

Scholar, writer and technology innovation consultant

Scholar, writer and technology innovation consultant based at Stanford University. 

I research, design, and build collaborative platforms that bridge science and culture, function and myth, form and spirit. My work’s intent is to contribute to the emergence of an ethical, moral, just and nature-centered human society that contributes to the flourishing of all life.

Born in Santa Monica, CA, I received a BA in Human Biology (with a concentration on Indigenous Wisdom and Ecology) from Stanford University in 1998.  As a product designer and social impact entrepreneur, I co-founded the world's first transnational technology development cooperative, CoLab Co-op.  CoLab functions as a democratically run Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) building social and ecological impact technologies.

As a speaker, strategist, and writer, I explore ethical and ecological challenges through contemplative, imaginal, and collaborative processes.  Interdisciplinary topics I focus on include human biology, religious and indigenous wisdom, nature, and ethics.  As a consultant and scholar, I report on and develop cooperative economic platforms, ethical AI frameworks, and tools to support human flourishing.  

My extracurricular are rooted in nature and explorations of the world’s great religious and philosophical traditions.  These include meditation, ecotopian fiction, nature poetry, and an exploration of the earth's wild places with my five beautiful children. I split time between studios in the finger lakes region of upstate New York and Santa Monica, California.
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A color photo of Micheal Flaherty.

Micheal Flaherty

CEO of Think Again Studios

Micheal Flaherty is a film producer, podcaster, and writer.  He co-founded Walden Media in 1999 which went on to produce more than two dozen films that grossed over $3 billion at the box office.  He is now the CEO of Think Again Studios, a new media company focused on podcasts and documentaries and has served as an Executive Producer on a number of films including the Sundance Award winning movie "Step" and the upcoming film "Tiger Rising."  His passion is rekindling a love for learning through film, podcasting, and technology.  He loves Heavy Metal and video games.