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Brie Linkenhoker

Brie is the founder of Worldview Studio. Previously she led Worldview Stanford, which pioneered interdisciplinary, multimedia learning experiences at Stanford University, and led strategy and scenario projects with Global Business Network (GBN) and Monitor. She holds a PhD in neuroscience, an MA in international policy studies (both from Stanford University), and a BA in psychology (Transylvania University).

Nancy Murphy

Nancy is director of content and collaborations at Worldview Studio. She spent five years directing experience design and communications at Worldview Stanford and 20 years in leadership roles at Global Business Network, including CMO, editor-in-chief, and head of the membership business. She earned a BA in political science (Wellesley College) and an MS (Arizona State University).

Juli Sherry

Juli is director of design at Worldview Studio and was design lead of UX and educational media at Worldview Stanford. She holds a BS in computer graphics and animation, technical design (DePaul University), and an MBA in design strategy (California College of the Arts). She works across the built environment, learning experiences, communications, technology, and strategy.

Ali Fell

Ali is Worldview Studio’s production manager, and was Worldview Stanford’s project manager and social media specialist. Her prior experience includes marketing, branding, and communication at technology companies. She holds a BA in visual arts (University of California-San Diego), and an MFA in commercial photography (Academy of Art).

Lisa Weaklim

Lisa is Worldview Studio's video producer. Her areas of expertise are in conceiving, shooting, and editing research-based videos. She has spent multiple years as a producer and creative partner at Spillsheat Media and co-owner/sound engineer at Anagram Sound Studio. Lisa also has over 15 years of project management experience and holds a BBA in Marketing Management (Stetson University).

Guillaume Riesen

Guillaume is Worldview Studio's Science Engagement Designer. He works to connect people with ideas through exciting and interactive experiences. His educational YouTube channel has nearly 4 million views and he has designed materials for museums and Universities. He holds a BS in Cognitive Neuroscience (Brown University) and a PhD in Neuroscience (Stanford University).